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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sit and Stitch

In December 2010 I introduced a Sit and Stitch to a gathering of women, and one man, as a way of creating dialogue and art making regarding Women's Health issues. I was specifically interested in the misuse and over use of hysterectomies and through this project realized that I was one of three women over 60 who had a hysterectomy. These statistics are high, and only in America

It is now June, 2013, and I am reflecting on the project as it has developed. The Uterus Flag Project not only addresses my personal concerns about over medicalization of women, but also gives women a voice to speak about an organ of the female anatomy. There are a variety of stories that women have shared through this project. Snippets of these insights are shared along this blog site. Be a part of this project!